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Aligarh: Only a few books can perhaps delve into the reasons for the 1857 revolt like Asbab-e-Baghawat-e Hind (The Causes of the Indian Mutiny) by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and now a Punjabi translation of the book facilitating a cultural dialogue to bring Punjabi and Urdu readers were released together by Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Vice-Chancellor Prof. Tariq Mansoor in a special ceremony which also saw the publication other important academic books and journals.

The book’s translator, AMU researcher, Daya Singh Punjabi (Department of Modern Indian Languages) remarked, “I translated this book to provide the Punjabi readership with an understanding of the British policies that caused the uprising. The reasons for the first war of independence in 1857 were written with articulation and precision by Sir Syed”.

“It is hoped that the translation of Asbab-e-Baghawat-e Hind will provide Punjabi readers with not only an understanding of the cultural and socio-economic aspects behind the uprising, but also an understanding of Sir Syed’s vision and rationalist thought. which has given a new direction to education in India,” said WBU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Tariq Mansoor.

Earlier today, Professor Mansoor published three publications from the Department of Islamic Studies, including the “Quranic Account of Multiculturalism” by Professor Obaidullah Fahad. The book traces the pluralistic tendencies of Islamic light and how Muslim society has approached issues of diversity and pluralism.

A special issue of Majallah Uloom Islamiah on the life and thoughts of Professor Muhammad Yasin Mazhar Siddiqui and a Journal of the Institute of Islamic Studies were also published.

‘Seema’, a periodical of Department of Urdu to commemorate the memory of Professor Seema Saghir was also released today.

Edited by Prof. Saghir Ifraheem with Sana Fatima as co-editor, the periodical includes essays and articles by Prof. Hakim Syed Zillur Rehman, Prof. Saghir, Prof. Seemin Hasan, Shaista Fareedi, Dr. Shahna Ali, Dr. Dr Namita Singg, Shabana Rafeeq, Arif Hasan Khan, Ghazanfar, Zia Ajmali, Pr Syed Siraj Ajmali, Hilal Naqvi, Musharraf Hussain Mehzar, Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi, Salim Usmani, Muzmar Alig, Pr AR Kidwai, Pr Ali Ahmad Fatimi, Ali Rafat Fatihi, Anees Rafi, Noor ul Hasnanin, Ibne Kanwal, Shahzad Anjum, Aslam Jamshedpuri, Asif Izhar Ali, Dr Faiza Abbasi, Prof Ziaur Rehman Siddiqui, Afsana Khatoon, Shoeb Nizam, Dr Tariq Hussain, Afshan Malik, Mohammad Khursheed, Mehjabeen Khan , Saba Naushad, Javed Anwar, Sana Fatima and Anam Fatima, late Prof. Shahriyar, Prof. Tariq Chattari, Sarwat Khan, Sanaullah Nadvi, Riyaz Tauheedi, Mohammad Adil and Zulfikharullah Khan Zulfi.

Another book to feature in the AMU fraternity must-read list released today was “Aligarh and Propagation of Science: From Sir Syed to the Present Day” by Dr. Asad Faisal Farooqui (Researcher, Department of Mass Communication).

The author explained Sir Syed’s valuable contributions in the field of modern science education and how he founded the Scientific Society to instill a scientific temperament in Indians in the book.

“Computer Modeling in Industry 4.0 – A Sustainable Resource Management Perspective” (Springer Nature) was also presented.

Edited by Dr Irfan Ali (Department of Statistics and Operations Research), the book addresses the inherent complexity of ecosystem management, particularly with regard to the involvement of multi-stakeholder actors, lack of information and uncertainties. Critical analyzes are made to highlight the need and offer a call for a new way of thinking about sustainable resource management.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tariq Mansoor published the book.

‘Advanced Linear Algebra with Applications’ by Prof. Mohammad Ashraf (Department of Mathematics, AMU), Dr. Vincenzo De Fillipis (University of Messina, Italy) and Dr. Mohammad Aslam S (Department of Mathematics, AMU) giving a comprehensive understanding of subjects taught at the advanced undergraduate level and in-depth knowledge of topics such as vector spaces, linear transformations, dual spaces and inner product spaces has also been released.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Mansoor appreciated the United Nations “Letter of Recognition” given to Naved Alam, Masters (ELT) student at the University for his participation in the Communications Committee of the Young Professionals Affinity Group at the United Nations.

Today the Vice Chancellor published five books and two journals and the release ceremony was attended by Prof. Kranti Pal, Prof. Imtiyaz Hasnain, Prof. AR Kidwai, Prof. MA Johar, Prof. M Shafey Kidwai, Dr. Faiza Abbasi, Prof. Qazi Mazhar Ali, Prof. Asma Ali, Prof. Mohammad Ashraf, Prof. Qamrul Hasan Ansari, Dr. Shakir Ali, Prof. Abu Sufyan Islahi, Prof. Abdu Hamid Fazili, Prof. Mohd Sami Akhter, Prof. Aquil Ahmed and Dr. Aijaz Ahmed in addition to the authors and editors.

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