“Out of the Corner” by Jennifer Grey, Emily Henry: Best New Books

Looking for something good to read? USA TODAY Barbara VanDenburgh scour the shelves for this week’s hottest new book releases. All books go on sale Tuesday.

1. “Out of the corner”, by Jennifer Gray (Ballantine, non-fiction)

What is it about :The ‘Dirty Dancing’ star takes readers on a candid tour of his life and career, from his breakout performance on ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ to his Season 11 win on ‘Dancing With the Stars’. sharing life lessons learned along the way.

The buzz: “Grey emerges as a resilient star in his own story, candidly sharing with readers all his joy, confusion, and hard-won wisdom along the way. Fans won’t want to miss it,” says a star-studded review from Publishers Weekly.

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2. “Book Lover”, by Emily Henry (Berkley, fiction)

What is it about : Ruthless literary agent Nora Stephens goes on a sisterly trip to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina, with visions of sunny picnics and handsome country doctors dancing in her head, and instead clashes with the publisher sullen Charlie Lastra. He can’t be that – can he?

The buzz: “A heartfelt and hilarious read about books, sisters, and writing your own love story,” says a star-studded review from Kirkus Reviews.

3. “Trust”, by Hernan Diaz (Riverhead, fiction)

What is it about : “Trust” weaves a literary puzzle with interlocking narratives that span more than a century in a story of money, power, and unchecked American capitalism.

The buzz: “Once again, Diaz makes the most of her tremendous gifts,” says a star-studded review from Publishers Weekly.

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4. “Electra”, by Jennifer Saint (Flatiron, fiction)

What is it about : The author of “Ariane” reinvents another heroine from Greek mythology. Elektra, the daughter of King Agamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra, just wants to see her beloved father back from the war. But are they all inextricably linked to the ancient bloody curse of the family?

The buzz: “From a canonical myth, Saint has constructed a towering history of rebellious women,” says a star-studded review from Publishers Weekly.

5. “The Marvelous”, by Dhonielle Clayton; illustrated by Khadijah Khatib (Henry Holt and Co., fiction)

What is it about : Arcanum Training Institute attracts Marvellers from around the world to practice their arts. Ella Durand, eleven, is the school’s first conjurer, and she discovers that many at school do not trust her “unnatural” magic. When a dangerous criminal known as the Ace of Anarchy escapes from prison and his mentor goes missing, Ella becomes suspicious and must work fast to save her teacher before it’s too late.

The buzz: A star-studded review from Kirkus Reviews calls it “A thrilling fantasy adventure full of bravery, love and humor.”

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