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It’s never too early to start preparing for your exams. The better your preparations and revisions, the better your grades will be. Since the 2022-23 session has started in almost all CBSE and ICSE board schools, you can opt for additional CBSE and ICSE books with question banks and extra questions to improve your exam preparation from the start.

These books are often available with review notes, worked examples, and more to help you clear your doubts and have a solid foundation when studying a new topic. We have a list of some of the hottest CBSE and ICSE books for 2022-23 exams that students can consider buying online. Check out this list and choose the desired book according to your subjects to easily improve your exam preparation.


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For CBSE students preparing for board exams in 2023, this set of question bank books can be a good option to buy online. This is a set of 4 books to help you get good grades in English, Science, Social Studies, and Math simply by doing regular self-study at home. Each book comes with hand-written answer sheets to help you easily improve your style of answering exam questions.

With a separate section of common mistakes available in this book, you can avoid making careless mistakes in exams. These books are available with mind maps for quick learning and concept-based videos for better understanding of difficult topics. You can even find fully solved exam papers in these books to easily understand the exam pattern.

This set of ICSE question bank books can be a good option for students who want to get good grades in science and math. These books cover the curriculum well and provide you with objective and subjective questions for comprehensive practice. So you can systematically test your knowledge when preparing for your 2023 board exams.

These books are available with solved exam papers from the previous year along with the scoring scheme answers to help you get a feel for the exam pattern. With revision notes by topic, these books are perfect for revisions in the final weeks before exams. You can even opt for these books to enjoy a hybrid learning experience.

If you are looking for CBSE Class 10 science books that can help you practice more, this set can be a good option to consider. Available in a pocket format, these books offer you questions according to the latest syllabus prescribed by NCERT. Since the questions in this book are available with solutions, you can always check your mistakes when you study.

You can browse these books along with your regular textbooks to easily improve your class 10 number problem solving skills.

When it comes to math books, RD Sharma has been a popular name in textbooks and support books. This Class 10 CBSE book by RD Sharma may be a good option to consider if you want to practice solving almost any type of problem that may arise in your 2023 exams.

This book is available in a paperback format and has over 700 pages to provide you with plenty of questions for your practice and revisions.

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