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It’s never a bad idea to start your exam preparations early. As the 2022-23 academic session has begun, you can opt for great CBSE and ICSE books for class 10 which are available with question banks, test simulations and more. These books will help you plan your studies systematically and get to know the exam pattern well in advance. These books are available with the latest exam pattern along with lots of explanations that can help CBSE and ICSE students get good grades in their class 10 exams.

We have a list of some of the most popular options in the CBSE and ICSE books for Class 10 that you can consider when shopping online. Choose from this list based on your topics to buy the best books online.


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If you are looking for a good set of books for CBSE class 10 students, this one can be a good option to consider for your revisions. This is a set of books for English, Science, Social Studies and Math to help you focus on all major subjects that can help you increase your percentage for the board exam. These books are available with questions from previous years, an official CBSE question bank, review notes, mind maps, access to concept videos, latest fully resolved articles, common mistakes, answer tips, latest types of questions, questions based on case studies. and more. Thus, you will get a healthy learning and reviewing experience. Since these books offer you a hybrid mode of learning, you don’t need to think too much before buying this set of Oswaal CBSE question bank books online.

Here is another good set of question bank books for ICSE students that you can consider to review and understand the exam pattern for class 10 exams 2023. These books are great for improving your science grades and mathematics and easily dispel your doubts. These books are available with latest exam questions along with answers from exam leader, solved specimen paper published by board, commentaries on examiners papers and solutions, tips for getting good grades, mind maps, suggestions for students on difficult topics. topics, concept videos and more. Thus, these books are affordable and are perfect for regular revisions and last-minute revisions. Being available with a hybrid learning experience, they are worth your money.

This set of books for CBSE Class 10 students can be another good option that you can consider when shopping online. These books are available with solutions to NCERT questions which can help you to check your solutions once you are done solving the questions given in your book. Since the solutions are available with sufficient explanations, you can easily clear your doubts with the help of these books.

When it comes to math books, you cannot skip solving questions from RD Sharma books for your exam preparations. This book has been well revised according to the latest syllabus and exam pattern to help you be ready with all types of relevant questions that are available in the exams.

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