Attempts to ban the books are an attack on constitutional rights

Now that’s enough ! I’m sick of ideologues trying to tell me what I can read, say or think. They try to make their morals and standards everyone’s morals and standards. That’s not how America works. Our Constitution gives us freedom of speech and that means we can say, read or write whatever we want. Whether someone else wants to hear or read what was said or written is a personal choice and that’s OK too.

These modern book burners are nothing but moralizing hypocrites who are afraid of anything different from their narrow views and opinions. They wrap themselves in a cloak of stories from holy books and hand-picked political opinions that ignore facts and any new information. This is what the Taliban do and they are no different in this regard.

Believe it or not, you are not the decider of what can or cannot be read or said. The individual is and the sooner you accept this truth, the better for everyone involved. The idea that libraries are limited to a set of truths is contrary to everything this nation stands for. Libraries are meant to broaden intellectual horizons – not limit them.

No Read Books Week takes place this year from September 18 to 24. I think it should be all year – every year. Any attempt to ban books, or any other form of speech, must be fought as an attempt to take away our constitutional rights.



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