7 actors who have written books

Actors are first and foremost storytellers; it’s their job to bring a character to life for the big or small screen and help tell their story while simultaneously serving a bigger story. Plus, writing is as much a creative outlet as acting, so it’s no surprise to hear that many celebrities these days are making the transition from telling stories on screen to writing them on. paper. Some are newbies, while others have growing jobs and, ironically, some have even been adapted for the screen.

Whether it’s jumping on the celebrity reveal bandwagon, flexing their creative muscles with an original idea, writing heartfelt children’s stories, or just trying to make a difference, these celebrity works have something thing for everyone. Plus, some of these actor-turned-writers are so accomplished they may consider writing a second career. While there are many more actors-turned-writers who could have made the list, we’ve only picked out a handful of our favorites that we think brought something valuable to the table. Here is a list of seven actors who have also written books.

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7 Steve Martin

The legendary Steve Martin made a name for himself not only as a comedian and actor, but also as an accomplished writer. He has several published works, including a memoir, several plays and the 2001 novel Saleswoman, which has since been adapted into a big movie starring the actor himself, Claire Danes, and Jason Schwartzman. He also wrote the New York Times bestseller The pleasure of my company and, more recently, An object of beauty. You can then catch Martin in the highly anticipated second season of Only murders in the building.

6 Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher is another actress-turned-writer whose writing has been adapted for the big screen with her semi-autobiographical novel Postcards from the edge. In the book, Fisher delves into his own personal struggles with addiction through its protagonist Suzanne Vale. Both the novel and the film (starring Meryl Streep and Shirley Maclaine) were well received by critics. Fisher talks about his personal experiences that inspired the novel in this archived LA Times interview.

5 Elizabeth Olsen

In her spare time after starring in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Emmy-nominated actress Elizabeth Olsen and her husband Robbie Arnett have written their first children’s book Hattie Harmony: Detective Concern, which follows lead character Hattie Harmony as she helps her friends and readers deal with their anxieties in simple, everyday situations like riding the school bus and talking out loud in class. The book is said to be the first in a series. Arnett and Olsen discussed the book in a recent interview with People magazine, saying “We hope Hattie Harmony will become a welcome reminder that it’s okay to speak up when we need help and always treat ourselves and others with kindness.”

4 Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke is another actor-turned-writer who has published several books, including novels The hottest state, Ash Wednesday rules for a knightand A bright ray of darkness. In addition to these novels, he also co-wrote Meadowlark, a coming-of-age crime story with fellow writer Greg Ruth and the graphic novel Indeh also co-written by Ruth. Hawke is also an accomplished screenwriter and won two major awards for his work on the screenplay of Before midnight with Richard Linklater, who was also nominated for an Oscar. You can catch Hawke in the latest Disney+ series moon knight and also in the next horror movie The black phone release scheduled for June 2022.

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3 Betty White

Besides being a successful comedian, actress, animal activist and absolute legend, the late Betty White was also a famous author. White had written several books throughout his career, including three memoirs Betty White herself, Here We Go Again: My Life on Televisionand If you ask me (and of course you won’t), to only cite a few. She has also written several books about her love of animals.

2 Tina Fey

If you like Tina Feywork on mean girls, 30 Rockand SNL then you are sure to enjoy bossypants. In the comic autobiography, Fey discusses the ups and downs of her career and her experiences as a woman in a man’s world. It’s a crisp, witty, intelligent read that will make you feel closer to the accomplished writer and comedian.

1 Hugues Laurie

english actor Hugues Laurie may be better known as the titular Dr. Gregory House of the popular medical drama House, however, he has a full resume. Many might be surprised to know that outside of acting, the multi-talented Laurie isn’t just a writer, having penned the action-packed spy spoof. The Arms Dealer in 1996, but also an accomplished musician, having released two blues albums Let them talk and Didn’t it rain. Laurie will be the next star of the Netflix miniseries The light we can’t see opposite Mark Ruffalo.

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